Fight over soda tax continues in Richmond

A heated debate continues in Richmond over a controversial soda tax that voters will decide on in the November election. The measure has drawn national attention and the American Beverage Association has spent millions of dollars to defeat the measure. “We’re going to be able to do something that no one else in the country […]

Richmond mulls pathbreaking soda tax

The city of Richmond is attempting to pass a proposal that’s failed in big cities including New York City and Philadelphia – and if they succeed, their plan could encourage statewide changes in California. The City Council is considering two ballot measures intended to combat child obesity. One would impose a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, […]

An ongoing battle simmers in Richmond

The company that has ignited massive protests from community organizations and environmental groups is currently undergoing maintenance operations that release harmful gases into the air around Richmond. The flaring, as the maintenance is called, isn’t attracting much public attention, but tensions between the company and Richmond continue to simmer beneath the surface of city life. […]

Playworks helps kids make the most of recess

  Elementary school teacher Vanessa Cavelli used to dread recess and the drama that could break out on the playground. “You wonder how many fights you’ll have to break up that day,” Cavelli said. She gestured to the large all-blacktop playground where scores of grade school children played games like four square and kickball. “If […]

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