Childhood Poverty Affects Longterm Health

About twenty young children sat on the brightly colored carpet as a man with long dreadlocks slid a large conga drum in front of him. It was “circle time” at Lotus Bloom’s Room to Bloom program, a drop-in parent-child playgroup in East Oakland. The drummer called out to the kids to stand up, take one […]

Program Aims to Reduce Disparities in Foster Care System

Nationally, the foster care system is a long-term home to more children of color than White children. The disparities in California are particularly alarming, with more than half of African American foster children in care for more than two years. Forty-five percent of Native American foster children have also been in the system, which was […]

Violence can alter a child’s DNA

Researchers and public health officials have known that the basis for adult health lies largely in childhood. The environment in which one is raised affects how healthy that person will be as they age. New research suggests that children who are repeatedly exposed to violence appear to be aging at a faster rate. Researchers at […]

Richmond mulls pathbreaking soda tax

The city of Richmond is attempting to pass a proposal that’s failed in big cities including New York City and Philadelphia – and if they succeed, their plan could encourage statewide changes in California. The City Council is considering two ballot measures intended to combat child obesity. One would impose a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, […]

Playworks helps kids make the most of recess

  Elementary school teacher Vanessa Cavelli used to dread recess and the drama that could break out on the playground. “You wonder how many fights you’ll have to break up that day,” Cavelli said. She gestured to the large all-blacktop playground where scores of grade school children played games like four square and kickball. “If […]

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