Writing was my first foray into storytelling, and here you can find samples of my work as a journalist. I tend to write about public health issues in California, and issues faced by today's generation of military veterans.

The Officer: A New Stance

The first nonwartime Quadrennial Defense Review in 13 years holds special significance. The Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) is a congressionally mandated Department of Defense undertaking to provide a wide-ranging review of strategy, programs, and resources. Specifically, it is intended to provide national defense strategy by defining the force structure, modernization plans, and a budget that […]

Rural Californians Also Face High Housing Costs

California residents pay dearly to live in the Golden state. Nearly half of California residents experienced a “high housing cost burden” in 2012, which means that the cost of their housing — including mortgage, home insurance, utilities and property taxes for homeowners and rent and utilities for renters — consumed more than 30 percent of […]

Taking Guns From Perpetrators of Domestic Violence an Ongoing Challenge

A weapon in the hands of someone with a history of violence or mental instability is dangerous for anyone, but particularly for victims of domestic violence. More than 810,000 people were victims of violence from an intimate partner in 2012, and the majority of victims (84 percent) were women. More than half of intimate partner […]

Program Aims to Reduce Disparities in Foster Care System

Nationally, the foster care system is a long-term home to more children of color than White children. The disparities in California are particularly alarming, with more than half of African American foster children in care for more than two years. Forty-five percent of Native American foster children have also been in the system, which was […]

New Apps Aim to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

On a single day in California, nearly 800 requests for emergency shelter went unmet, according to a 2012 domestic violence census. That was far too many left with no place to go for one team of software developers. They created SafeNight app, now in limited pilot, which uses crowdsourcing techniques to help domestic violence organizations […]

Young Veterans Face Soaring Unemployment Levels; Employers Find Ways to Skirt USERRA Laws

In 2011, Sergeant Antonio Thomas found himself in the position of many returning Reservists: unemployed and looking for work. SGT Thomas had spent nearly a year in Iraq, where he worked as a petroleum supply specialist. Once home, he spent months searching for a job that would support his family. SGT Thomas and his wife […]

Sequester, Shutdown Imperil Domestic Violence Services in Rural Areas

Domestic violence service providers in rural areas, already hard-pressed for resources, are reeling from federal budget cuts that took effect earlier this year and the ongoing shutdown of much of the federal government. Ask most domestic violence service providers about whether they have sufficient resources and you’ll probably get the same answer: it’s never enough. […]

Trapped in a Military Marriage

Tiffany Kettermann didn’t realize that her husband was violent until they were already married. When she met him in April 2003, she thought he was “the most caring, gentle person I had ever met in my life.” She learned he was joining the Air Force. “I was like, ‘Yeah, this is the guy for me.’” […]

Jails look to ACA to insure inmates

When the signature reforms of the Affordable Care Act go into effect on January 1st, millions of Californians will have expanded access to government subsidized health-care benefits. Counties, some of which saw their jail populations and health-care costs swell since prison reforms took effect in 2011, want to make sure that jail inmates will be […]

Poor health care moving from prison to jails

California’s sweeping criminal justice reform plan was meant to sharply reduce the state’s prison population. But the changes may have also had the unintended consequence of passing along to county jails the biggest problem associated with overcrowding – poor health care. The reform, also known as prison realignment or AB 109, transferred authority for people […]

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