ANGEL for Hire (2011)

Watch the trailer for the film, Angel for Hire.

ANGEL for Hire (2011) ANGEL for Hire (2011)

East Oakland childcare program cares for children and parents

Experts say that the first five years of a child’s life will greatly impact their educational, social and economic futures. This is the story of an Oakland-based program that works with parents and their children to close that gap.

East Oakland childcare program cares for children and parents East Oakland childcare program cares for children and parents

Boulder Creek Firefighter Testing (Instructional Video)

Candidates hoping to join the Boulder Creek Fire Department must first pass a physical test. This instructional video demonstrates the test as well as the standards for passing.

Boulder Creek Firefighter Testing (Instructional Video)  Boulder Creek Firefighter Testing (Instructional Video)

News/Feature Writing

Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney, a naturopathic doctor speaks with a patient at her office in Santa Cruz. Photo: Mary Flynn.

Naturopathic Doctors Fighting for Inclusion Under Health Reform Insurance Policies

As more people gained access to insurance and primary care under the Affordable Care Act this year, naturopathic doctors hoped that their role in medicine might become more mainstream as well. But that has generally not been the case, and services by these holistic practitioners are often not covered by health plans, particularly those purchased […]

Most Employers, Like NFL, Don’t Have Policies for Responding to Domestic Violence

The National Football League and former player Ray Rice made headlines last week after a video surfaced showing Rice knocking his fiancé unconscious in an elevator. The NFL sanctioned the Baltimore Ravens running back for the incident earlier this year with a two-game suspension. But the now public image of Rice punching his fiancé in […]

Children and parents gather around instructor Cassandra Hughes to participate in Art Time at Oakland's Room 2 Bloom.

Childhood Poverty Affects Longterm Health

About twenty young children sat on the brightly colored carpet as a man with long dreadlocks slid a large conga drum in front of him. It was “circle time” at Lotus Bloom’s Room to Bloom program, a drop-in parent-child playgroup in East Oakland. The drummer called out to the kids to stand up, take one […]

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