ANGEL for Hire (2011)

Watch the trailer for the film, Angel for Hire.

ANGEL for Hire (2011) ANGEL for Hire (2011)

Beer: The Beverage of the People

An Oakland-based beer tasting shop used the Bay Area's Beer Week festival as an opportunity to highlight women's contribution to beer culture.

Beer: The Beverage of the People Beer: The Beverage of the People

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Shoes

Barefoot running: is this trend only for the serious runner, or is this an opportunity for the rest of us to kick our Nikes to the corner?

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Shoes We Don't Need No Stinkin' Shoes

Good Night, Sleep Tight…well, you know the rest.

These little buggers can create a BIG problem, one that's seen a resurgence in San Francisco. See what one company is doing about it.

Good Night, Sleep Tight…well, you know the rest. Good Night, Sleep Tight...well, you know the rest.

News/Feature Writing

Program Aims to Reduce Disparities in Foster Care System

Nationally, the foster care system is a long-term home to more children of color than White children. The disparities in California are particularly alarming, with more than half of African American foster children in care for more than two years. Forty-five percent of Native American foster children have also been in the system, which was […]

New Apps Aim to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

On a single day in California, nearly 800 requests for emergency shelter went unmet, according to a 2012 domestic violence census. That was far too many left with no place to go for one team of software developers. They created SafeNight app, now in limited pilot, which uses crowdsourcing techniques to help domestic violence organizations […]

Young Veterans Face Soaring Unemployment Levels; Employers Find Ways to Skirt USERRA Laws

In 2011, Sergeant Antonio Thomas found himself in the position of many returning Reservists: unemployed and looking for work. SGT Thomas had spent nearly a year in Iraq, where he worked as a petroleum supply specialist. Once home, he spent months searching for a job that would support his family. SGT Thomas and his wife […]

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